Code of ethics


Siderúrgica Sevillana, S.A. has a fulfillment and prevention program for conformity crimes in accordance with the Spanish penal code.

The Code of Ethics is at the cup of this program. The first edition was approved by the Board of Directors on 12 April 2011. The aim was to bring together in a single document the ethical principles and values of the company found across different manuals and policies, which should inspire the conduct and behaviour of all those who operate with the company, either inside or outside the organisation, beyond and independently of their legal obligations.

As such, the Code represents a key element of the organisation, management and control model set out in this regulation, insofar as this model integrates the information and communication program of the basic values and behaviour rules of the company.

Siderúrgica Sevillana, S.A. assumes that it is essential to follow the rules and principles of clarity and transparency at work, in order to have a suitable response to the increasingly higher demands of the market and civil society. For this reason, it is very important to foment a culture of regulatory compliance.

Therefore, one of the Company’s most important objectives is represented by the fact that it constantly meets its high standards of integrity and honesty, which have always informed its production and commercial activities.

With this Code and all other elements of the fulfilment and crime prevention program, the Company proposes the following objective: the standards contained therein will be monitored by the corresponding parts of the Company, so that all collaborators behave appropriately.

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