Risk prevention


The command line is the real protagonist in the application and execution of prevention programs, and Management is responsible for leading and approving these programs. Without detriment to the above, as technical support, a Prevention Service is included in the organisation, which, in addition to performing regulatory functions, serves as a point of connection to the rest of the elements of the Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS), coordinating prevention programs. This coordination should ensure that decisions taken at the Company are coherent and in accordance with the objectives of the different elements of the general organisation.

To guarantee the effective selection, acquisition and development of work teams, new technologies, ways of organising work, controlling processes and supervision systems, each element of the organisation has a Preventive Function within the OHSMS. Control of these management processes is essential to avoid occupational hazards before they materialise in undesired effects.

One of the Principle Commitments to the Prevention of Occupational Hazards of Siderúrgica Sevillana, S.A. is to prevent damage to personnel working at their facilities, both from the company and outside; and continually improve the effectiveness and efficiency of its production process in order to achieve the best working conditions.

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