Energy efficiency


SISE is a large energy consumer and has been committed to energy efficiency from the beginning. Energy is one of the most important parts in the management of SISE, due to its economic significance. The company has always been very aware of the importance of efficient management, both in terms of its production process and for the environment where it carries out its activities.

Energy has always been a scarce resource, and its production process is based on its correct use and the correct organisation of the process.

These circumstances have led to a constant investment effort in new technologies, and an increasingly efficient resource management. To achieve the objective of maximum efficiency, the company has implemented a management system that will ensure the continuous improvement of its energy performance. To this end, it periodically sets and reviews measurable energy performance objectives in order to reduce consumption and energy expenses, ensuring the availability of information and the resources necessary to achieve them, integrating energy performance and best practices in strategic business decisions while meeting legal requirements in the area of energy and efficiency.

In addition, in accordance with its commitment to energy efficiency, SISE promotes the acquisition of energy-efficient products and services.

To this end, SISE has implemented an Energy Management System that meets all the requirements of standard UNE-EN ISO 50,001:2011.

Energy Management Certification UNE-ISO 50001:2011

Energy Management System in compliance with UNE-ISO 50001:2018
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