Integrated management policy


Siderúrgica Sevillana, S.A. (SISE), a company of the Riva Group, which operates in the steel sector, establishes its integrated management policy under the principles of sustainability, according to the standard, UNE 36901:2018 “Steel sustainability management systems”, and implements said policy through the following commitments:

Commitment to health and safety, through workplace risk prevention and improving working conditions.

SISE has established a health and Safety Job Policy and it is always improving and maintaining it, with the following main commitments:

  1. To prevent damage and deterioration of the safety and health at work of all personnel working in its facilities, both internal and external, by providing safe and healthy working conditions.
  2. Eliminate dangers and reduce risks to occupational safety and health.
  3. Improve coordination and communication with external companies working in our facilities.
  4. Continuously improve the effectiveness and efficiency of its production process in order to achieve safe and healthy working conditions.
  5. To comply with the legislation in force and the requirements signed.
  6. Control health and safety risks by establishing priorities according to importance, taking into account not only internal risks but also those coming from the environment.
  7. To provide due education and training to all personnel, so that they participate and get involved in the preventive activity.
  8. The well-being of workers and their environment by promoting healthy lifestyles.
  9. To promote channels of consultation and active participation of workers.
  10. Establish communication channels that allow all the company's workers to be informed about the preventive activity, ensuring their knowledge and understanding.
  11. Introduce this Occupational Risk Prevention Policy to all workers in the company, making it available to interested parties.


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