Our steel


The steel produced by Riva Group meets the highest quality standards and has the highest European and international certifications. Our innovative and reliable products are used in many buildings, installations and infrastructures.

Steel has been and is one of the key ingredients of the technical, economic and social development of humanity over the past 3000 years. Many of the advances we enjoy today would not have been possible without steel. No other material is used in as many sectors as steel. It has become indispensable in almost all fields of technology.



The steel products we make:

  • Rerbars (weldable / hig-ductility weldable)
  • Hot rolled steel profiles for structures: Flats, squares, round bars and equal-sided angles:
    1. Grades JR, J0 and J2
    2. Fine, medium-fine and coarse series
  • Hot rolled steel profiles for special uses, such as:
    1. Cold-forming
    2. Stamping
    3. Forging
    4. Machining
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