Riva Group


The Riva Group ranges among the most important European steel producers. Founded in 1954 by Emilio Riva, the pioneer of the Italian steel industry after World War II, the group specializes in the production of long products in electric steel mills. In the Sixties the group reached a position of leadership internationally acknowledged and spread into the most important European countries thanks to its high production standards and to an entrepreneurial strategy focused on continuous investments and growth. Since June 2014 the Group, which is financed exclusively with private capital, is led by Claudio Riva. Among the total work force of 4000, the number of young employees with A level or university degree is continuously growing. Out of 20 production sites of the Group three are located in Germany, six in Italy, seven in France, two in Belgium, one in Spain and one in Canada. Moreover, nine sales companies and two scrap processing companies belong to the group.

The Group supplies different production sectors, some of which (e.g. mechanical, automotive and earthmoving) have particularly high quality standards.

In 2016, Riva Group produced over 6.3 tons and achieved profits of over 2.5 billion euros, maintaining an important share in “long” products - over 10% in Europe, UE 28 -, which confirms its position of leadership in this important market segment.

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