Riva Group


Riva Group is the biggest Italian steel company and one of the key players in the European steel industry. It was founded in 1954 by Emilio Riva, a pioneer of the European steel industry in the post-war period. The Group has historically specialised in the production of “long” steels in electric arc furnaces – an area in which it has established strong international leadership with over 60 years of experience. Thanks to high production standards and a sound, targeted growth and investment strategy, the Group has been able to expand in the major European countries.

The Group has been under the leadership of Claudio Riva since June 2014, is owned entirely by private capital, has more than 5.400 people, with an increasingly qualified presence of high school and university graduates. It has industrial plants located in the following countries: Italy, France, Germany, Belgium, Spain and Canada.

The Group implements yearly a significant investment program aimed at improving the qualitative aspects of products and processes, the safety conditions in the plants and the environmental compatibility of production.

The Group supplies various product sectors, some of which - such as mechanics, automotive and earthmoving - require particularly high quality standards. The production includes, among other items, drawn, peeled and ground products deriving from the further cold processing of the laminates.

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